Thursday, February 16, 2012

once again, keeping it real

It's been quite a week! No recipes to share. The house is a mess. I now have a full 30 students in my class. I'm a bit overwhelmed at work, and am asleep most nights by 8:30 (except for Monday night when I worked on Valentine-palooza). The subsequent 'food fest' I think is partly to blame for my inertia this week.

I'd be sacked out now, except that Ed and Miss P decided to do a final homework review right before bedtime. You can see where this is going. Short temper and frustration. And Paige was no better. : ) If she were 15 years older, I'd say she was intoxicated. Laughing, crying, and doing her rockstar imitation. Bizarre! I definitely had shake off my zzz's and step in. I'm still laughing inside in horror at some of the antics. My theory is she spends a lot of time holding it together, being the good, dutiful student and daughter. Time to rebel and meltdown! I did get her to share some legitimate frustrations, which was positive.

The two of us definitely need a short vacation to recharge. Good thing one is coming up next week! Hoping we can reset...

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