Sunday, February 27, 2011

LA Trip Part Two - Hooray for Hollywood!

The last two days of our escape...

E was excited to hit Hollywood. And what better time than during Oscar week?

We got to cruise around the Kodak Theatre, walking along the covered red carpet...

Did you know that the theatre is integrated into a large mall? You can stop by The Hello Kitty store to buy a birthday gift on your way to collect your award!

Afterward, we cruised along looking for our favorite star's stars. E has been a big fan of Micheal J. Fox forever.

We headed home on Thursday, making a pit stop in Sherman Oaks. We ate an early lunch at the yummy Sweet Butter cafe.

I was super inspired by the decor. The place is tiny. But there were so many cute vintage-y touches, and framed recipes, which I loved. I don't have any old, handed down from generation recipes, but if I did, I'd mat and frame them and hang them around my kitchen.

I love the chalkboard above!

Next door to Sweet Butter is Tori Spelling's new home store - Inventori. It is adorable!

Again, lots of vintage-y and antique-y stuff. We picked up a set of these cups from Jane Jenni
We are now the owners of 'smarty pants,' 'queen bee,' and 'love bug' as well.

The one I really want is this coffee mug below!
Now we are home, sweet home. It was fun to get away and clear our heads, but I think we'll be 'stay-cation-ing' for awhile.

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