Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family Fun - Reality TV

Notice I didn't say gadget free family fun. Today I am sharing a secret - one of my family's favorite pastimes is watching certain reality shows together. Our favorites are House Hunters, Cake Boss and The Biggest Loser. We have acted out House Hunters, planned deserts and meals around Cake Boss, and have had many a discussion about health, trying your best and fair play during The Biggest Loser. Sometimes just knowing that we have a family night planned watching one of those shows is enough to get me through a day of kids screaming, refusing to line up, and playing in the bathroom. Miss P is a pro at viewing, regularly making comments like, 'ooh, look at open floor plan,' or, 'oh well, he can still take part in the at-home challenge!' On the weekends, instead of cartoons in the morning, she will often pick Yard Crashers. As I scan the channels for alternatives, P pleads "Please don't minimize the picture! I want Yard Crashers!" Is she weird?

Do you watch any 'grown up TV' with your kids?

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Hilary said...

K, P's room rules are hilarious. You should tell them that all THREE of my kids have to share a room. :)
Great valentines, very thoughtful of you.
AND My kids love watching the biggest loser with me, possibly too much. :)