Tuesday, June 1, 2010

real life

I've had so many 'bloggable' moments lately, that I haven't had time to blog! But here is one I'm living right now.....for all of you working moms who have moments you feel guilty about. Don't! Currently, I'm working on my student teacher's evaluation with report cards on deck. Meanwhile, my lovely daughter is in hog heaven, having a cartoon marathon upstairs. She only needs me when it is time to turn the channel. (By the way, I can tell her reading skills are improving as she can read the names of all the shows - Backyardigans, Ni Hao Kai Lan, etc. Oh! and I'm hiding candy from her down in the office. Mother of the Year! : )

In other news, tomorrow we have our end of year BBQ. E will be there representing our family for P's class. : ) My team of moms is at the ready to pull off the event, with the help of my detailed notes :). I have warned them that I have 2, possibly 3, meetings after school tomorrow - the first one starting 5 minutes after school is out - so they have promised to clean up and give away any leftover food! I am loving my volunteer moms. They help me in so many different ways. Ideas for gifts, anyone? I have seven mega moms to celebrate. One year my teaching partner and I took the moms out to dinner (three really awesome ones), another year I did beach bags with books and other summer fun things (again, for three supermoms). Spending a lot of money is not necessarily in my budget, but the amount of work many of these moms do really necessitates something significant. Throw ideas my way!

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Hilary said...

I always feel awkard getting gifts from the teachers, regardless of how much I've helped out.

I love the gifts from the class though. Miss M did a picture and had the kids all sign it, it's cute and it hangs in the office to remind me how lucky I am to help such great teachers.

Really, don't stress what you're gonna get THEM!!!! :)