Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello, Summer!

We had a whirlwind first week of summer! We jetted off to the Magic Kingdom and spent four awesome days there. Unfortunately, while recharging our batteries, we recharged the camera battery and accidentally left both the charger and battery in our room! So instead of looking at our awesome family pics, you are seeing a generic Disney image! Real photos to come....sometime.

This was our first stay at the Grand Californian, thanks to a special they were offering. From the staff leading the coloring station (letters to Mickey) in the lobby, to our special entrance to the park -- it was worth it!

Random side note: one of my favorite things about the trip was our new luggage. Pretty, it was not. E and I had basic black and navy (respectively) functional bags. P had a Tinkerbell case that was stinkin' cute. We bought them somewhat impulsively before the trip with hopes of not checking luggage. I'm sure everyone reading has appropriate luggage. E and I were always rummaging for duffel bags. We had one giant (that needed to be checked, naturally) suitcase that we would pack all of our clothes in. Then we'd put our toiletries, magazines, and anything else we wanted to carry on in the duffel bags. At the airport, E would haul the big suitcase and carry a duffel, while I'd have P and my duffels. Anyway, this time it was the three of us, each hauling our own rolling carry-on suitcase. It made all the difference!!

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Hilary said...

oh NO, not a lost camera!
LOve good luggage.
Although, we rarely check...
It's mostly Drew hauling it places from our car. :)