Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Whirlwind weeks!!

We are in the new house!! The weekend of the 6th, we hauled arse and started, I mean finished, packing, moved, and cleared out completely from the rental. Hard labor, let me tell you! We were lucky to send Miss P on a lovely vacation to grandma's house starting Friday afternoon. As is tradition, P left her intact, tidy, bedroom in house A, and returned to her new, fully set-up bedroom in house B. Despite that, I have to mention that she told her teacher dramatically upon returning to school Monday, "I don't know if I can do any work today. Moving this weekend took it all out of me!" (nice try).

Following the move nuttiness, and before I could unpack, it was back to (school) work for me. I coordinated a Family Fun Night for the kindergarten - through second grade students at my school, with a leprechaun trap building session, Irish jig dancing, shamrock relays and mad libs. Very fun - but my timing stunk! : ) One funny - I led the Irish jig dancing. I love to dance, but am not, a dancer. I was stuck leading dancing, because I knew no one would want to do it. I basically channeled all my memories of seeing Irish dancing on TV, and taught my 'station' the way my friend and I learned bollywood dancing in Portland. Basically, taught the group a few 'steps' and then put the music on and told them to go for it. Anyway, again, I never have done Irish dancing, but I know about the stiff upper body and arms, and quick feet. I am not kidding you, but at least three adults complimented me effusively on my 'craft.' One said she could tell I was Irish as I must have grown up dancing this way, another asked where I had studied. As I type this, I feel like it sounds as though they were teasing or being sarcastic, but they were dead serious!!!

This past weekend we headed to Yosemite and I am now in report card *%$#. I don't mind doing them usually, but I am on a tight deadline this time. See you on the other side!!

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Hilary said...

Family fun night was very fun.
That is HILARIOUS on your dancing skills.
I, honestly, was aware you had no skills in that arena, but it was fun for the kids.
And I'm glad you made time for pizza last night. :)