Thursday, February 19, 2009

The starbucks gal will be glad to see my new purse....

Remember this purse? To add to my lovely week, it was stolen at Target on Tues. I assisted the thief by setting it down while helping Miss P try on her adorable new rain boots. (Preschool had discussed puddle jumping on Wednesday for all boot-wearers, so of course E and I raced immediately to outfit Miss P in some. Can you say suckers? It had been non-stop raining around here.) Anyway in my current ill state, totally didn't remember the purse until it was time to go to school Wednesday morning. When it couldn't be found, I grabbed the spare keys and off we went.

Later E and I tore the house apart with my head raging. I called Target as that would be the only possible place it could be, and when they didn't have it I was stumped. I'm such a trusting person, only a small part of me thought it could actually be stolen. Sure enough, a local sherrif called a little later to let me know that she had found my purse, with all contents intact except for the cash (naturally). It had been abandoned at a mall.
On a positive note, my daughter is now a bike-riding champ. (Just needs to work on braking). She turns smoothly, is finally riding at a decent clip, and has much more confidence. I'm sooo proud of her. Not only can I not wait to ride with her, but I think it has been a great experience we can draw from in the future.
Now, if only I can kick this thing....

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Hilary said...

Stupid colds.
No fair to be sick on the break, but hopefully you've been taking it easy.
OH NO about your purse but YAY! That you got your ID, etc. back -- I mean, all things considered he's a pretty nice criminal. I'd be a mess though.