Saturday, February 28, 2009

Miss P

Miss P was a nice companion this week when I was sick with the...stomach flu! (on top of my sinus infection). Sometimes I stare at her in wonder - how did we do such a great job? She is sooo smart. She uses words like 'suggested' and 'remarkable' in her everyday language. And she is so kind and loving as well. I wanted to add a recent cute pic to this post, but for some reason I can't post any photos to the blog - computer is not recognizing the path - ack!

Anyway, here are some ways she is 'charming' us...

P is currently obsessed with 'knock knock' jokes that go on forever. I'm trying to teach her the concept of a 'punch line.'

Depsite her big vocab, she has a few words she flip flops. The notable two are 'lash eyes' (you have beautiful long lash eyes!) and paper toliets (mommy! we're out of paper toliets!)

She sings like Celine Dion like every chance she gets. She makes up her own lyrics too. A recent song was called 'the most important thing in my liiiffeee.' Some of her songs sound similiar to each other. She tells me that she just has different 'virgins' (versions) of certain songs.

Every day, P and her daddy say 'I love you' in sign language. It is so sweet!

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