Sunday, January 25, 2009

good news and bad news

In our family, we start a lot of conversations (with Miss P typically) , with the following opener: do you want the good news news or the bad news? As in, "the bad news is our friends called and cancelled our playdate because so-and-so is sick. But the good news is, now we can do the museum trip we've been trying to plan!"

So, here's a weekend recap, the good news and the bad news...

good news: slept like a baby Friday night
bad news: crashed 20 minutes after P, missing Friday Night Lights again and leaving E dateless and desperate on the couch (however with full TiVo priviliges)

good news: got the whole family to the YMCA on Saturday. E and I to work out. P to the 'children's play area,' (i.e. child watch). P surprisingly upbeat to go.
bad news: child watch had closed 30 minutes prior to our arrival

good news: we decided to take turns juggling errands with P, while the other person worked out. Workouts were accomplished!
bad news: E's 'errand' to Target left us $100 poorer...........

good news: we had a wondefully lazy Saturday, doing puzzles, watching the end of movies, and just being silly.
bad news: completed puzzles are now taking up every flat surface in our home. E is also deciding to shirk responsibilities in lieu of completing said puzzles (long after Miss P - the puzzle's target audience - has given up in boredom)

good news: Miss P delighted us in church this morning with a lovely singing performance accompanied by the rest of the church preschool. All were brave and cute!
bad news: no good photos!!

good news: overall, my new clean eating regime (The Ultramind plan) has been great. I've learned so much. And even though I'm only like in the second week, I already feel that I won't revert back to my old habits. The whole foods taste better, and I feel better about me.
bad news: oh, the sugar and chocolate cravings! missing dessert at night. dealing with eating at diner type restaurants (like the one E's grandparents took us to after church today).

bad news: after the diner experience, we met my dear sil and bil and our sweet twin niece and nephew, who were in town to pick up their nanny from the airport. Niece and nephew are about 20 months, and, as it was raining, sil and bil chose an indoor play maze, aptly named 'The Jungle.' Guess who followed P around the entire time, while E sat and shot the sh%$ with the other adults (father in law, other sil) who stopped by?

The toddler area where niece and nephew hung out was too young for P, and the 'older kid area' was a little too chaotic (Miss P literally ducks and covers whenever two or more active looking boys jostle by.) I wouldn't mind if she actually dug the place and had fun, but much of the time she asked for one of the build-a-bear type stuffed animals the place sells (if any family present is reading this - we still enjoyed seeing you and are always happy to see the kids!)

suffice it to say, the day kinda stunk.

good news: will I be on my couch tonight, watching 'Under the Tuscan Sun,' which I recently have had the hankering to see? Will I follow it up with reading the last chapter of my excellent book. Will I tune out any husband requests to look for things?

what do you think?

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Hilary said...

I hate how 90% of the parents have NO idea what their kids are doing, and I swear that like 50% of the kids are bullies.
But, I feel for you. It does seem like moms often get the short end of the stick at times like that.