Sunday, December 30, 2012

last gasp of Christmas

Like I mentioned earlier, I didn't really take many Christmas photos this year. Let's just say that my little camera doesn't exactly inspire one to try and capture the moment.  Here are two I did take though, which I want to post to commerorate the season. : )

Miss Paige, Christmas morning.  God Bless her. She waited to come downstairs until after I had walked Cooper and gone to Starbucks (!)  Her kindle ("Kindle Fire HD" - as she likes to refer to it) was waiting under the tree in a quiet manner.  We let P run the show, starting with her stocking, just waiting for her to notice her new device. Finally, she did. Here she is, reading the note from Santa (attached). She is thrilled with it!

Cooper, and his mini companion. Since getting Cooper, Paige has taken to collecting pugs. My mom got her 'Christmas Pug' at a winery.  Cooper is not at all jealous of Christmas Pug, although he did try to sit on him once. Incidentally, Cooper received a new antler and new bed for Christmas. He, too, is thrilled!

Onward with the new year!

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