Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dizzy December

I'm finally making time to post!  We are running a bit ragged over here.  I've had some extra work demands - which have been both frustrating and enlightening. Ed has been sick. And of course I'm trying to keep with all of my favorite holiday traditions. It's made for some tightly packed days.

A bright spot - with Miss P at school with me, we do spend a lot of time together.  And I have the photographic evidence to prove it! 

All of the kids receive an award sometime throughout the year for an area of achievement.  Each year, P has received hers for reading.  She is a reader like her mom. The other day we took a special trip to the Scholastic Warehouse and found some treasures, including a sought after Alie Finkle book for her.  Then tonight, she was reading this with me (the beginning).
Paige is getting another award tomorrow for overall hard work and perfect attendance. I'm so happy because she is one of those easygoing kids who tends to just blend in.

Speaking of standing out, last weekend, we saw the sweetest performance of The Nutcracker, featuring an adorable little friend.

Paige and future prom date.  Don't they just go together?

We checked 'make a gingerbread house' off our holiday list. We've lost count of all the holiday movies we've watched during weekend crafterganzas. 

Back to school biz, I took a day off of work to chaperone P's class field trip to 'A Christmas Carol.' After constant kinder, 3rd graders are such a joy. Tip: if you are going to chaperone a field trip - do a play! Today and tomorrow I'm scooting over to help them make holiday cards as soon as I can shuffle my group out the door.

On the agenda this weekend are holiday get-togethers, baking, and card mailing.  How is your month going?

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