Monday, October 29, 2012

Just hanging around

I don't want to let another day go by without posting, so allow me to do a quick photo dump. Hmmm...dump sounds so unappealing. Let's say photo party.

Here is Miss P and friends at our Halloween-turned-Giants-baseball World-Series party.  My friend Lorrie created not only a delicious dinner but a 'donut on a rope,' game too. Paige reported that it is much harder than it looks!
At the Halloween school carnival with a gal pal. Yes, she is dressed as our dog Cooper. This year, for the first time ever, she ran around with her girlfriends and had no interest in a momerone (mom+chaperone).  I should have stayed working at the bake sale booth! Bad news: my car was rear ended again, on the way home from the event. Ruh-roh.  No fun. I'll spare you those pictures.

P's tribute to Cooper, haiku style, at school art event.
Despite some rain last week, the warm weather is holding on! I continue to work my tail off and have been jonesing for weekends full of nothing. Just playing games, reading, taking lazy walks with Cooper (and catching butterflies), movies, puttering in the kitchen, and just sitting around and talking.

More on our exciting downtime events soon...

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The Mrs. said...

Um that doughnut game will be happening next year at our house! Love her tribute to Cooper so cute!