Monday, October 15, 2012

Craft time

We continue to bring on Fall, and I continued today to enjoy s-l-o-w-i-n-g down. (Although Ed would beg to differ that I actually slowed down enough). Exhibit A: Miss P and I made not one but two crafts. 

Craft 1: Have you seen this paper bag pumpkin? There are many variations on it. To make it you'll need:
lunch sack sized paper bag
orange paint
green paint
old newspaper
some kind of raffia string, preferably green
brown construction paper
glue stick
rectangular tissue box (optional)

To start, cover your work area with newspaper.  Stand up your paper sack, this is where you may want to insert a tissue box or other rectangular object to help your bag stand up.  Paint entire outside of your bag orange. Let dry.

Roll over the top of your bag (so about two inches of inside is now outside) and paint the cuff that forms green. Wait for this to dry.

Insert balled up newspaper into the bag to puff/round it out.  Then tie with raffia. My raffia was more brown, so I just snipped off the ends so you couldn't see it.

Finally, cut a strip of brown construction paper and roll it up like a tube. Use a little glue stick to help the tube keep its shape.  Stick into the top of the pumpkin. Voila!

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