Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hard to believe this is my first November post.  I've been so busy with work (blah, blah, blah) that it's been tough to just take a moment to really experience each day.  With Thanksgiving break coming
up, I'm hoping to have some time to take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy life.

One thing I did enjoy doing yesterday was my first round of holiday shopping!  Last year, I started a dangerous tradition. An advent calendar for Miss P, that included - not a daily chocolate - but a small gift.  A few times the gift was a note that talked about something fun we'd do, and many of the items were quite small, but still - we are talking 24 gifts!  This post shows what last year's display looked like.

What I may do this year, is only do 8 or 12 actual gifts, with wrapped 'clues' and riddles in between. 
Here's a sampling of the loot.

Books are always a big item. I'm excited to start this series with her!

She's been wanting some boots and I found these at Target. One of my student's has these and they look so cute on her.  With shoes it's hard to tell if they'll work for the recipient, but I like to do slightly unexpected gifts. More fun!

Another boook! This author is awesome, and this particular theme is timely.

Can't go wrong with this movie. Found it on sale.
Finally, I got several pairs of leggings that were on sale, and then also buy one get one 50%.  Old Navy has the best sales.  I checked some of Paige's tags, and realized that my 8 year old had a pair of size 5 yoga pants she was still wearing, as well as a few 6x leggings. In fact, I don't think any were the right size. Now, she is petite, but the size fives were ridiculous and had become capris. She also had a lot of 6-7 shirts that were snug-ish. This helps me not feel so guilty about buying all these things. About half of them were needed purchases.

Off to church. More to come soon. Hugs!

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