Sunday, June 24, 2012

Welcoming 40

As one of my girlfriends put it, I've now joined the '40 Club.'

We had a great time at The Cliffs in Shell Beach, although I don't know who the trip was more designed more for, me, or Miss P. The Cliffs is very kid friendly with a full itinerary each day of activities to amuse. Paige had the schedule and a pen and was very into plotting her vacation. 

This did of course allow Ed and I to do an ambitious bike ride, and for me to take advantage of the b-day right to bend his ear with, 'what have I done with my life so far,' soliloquies. Followed by, 'what should I do next,' games.

Hightlights of the trip:

I exercised a ton: biking, hiking, and swimmming!

Lots of laughter with Ed and Miss P; Paige is developing a strong sense of humor and loves to look for the hilarity in everything.

Awesome dinner at Novo in San Luis Obisop. I highly recommmend.

S'mores by the fire pit.

Patient Ed, allowing his girls to spend mulitple hours in the bookstore. I also received this book as a gift.

 Watching Ed and Paige bond in the water, and on dry land playing 'Where's my Water'

Lava flows at Happy Hour.

Participating in our local newspaper's scavenger hunt, and trying to get photos of things like 'a woodens statue' (check), 'a tree twice a wide as a member of the traveling party' (check), etc..

Internet access (sad to say), but it was fun being able to check fb and email on my b-day

And, as always, being happy to get back home!

We are busy trying to get back in the routine of life. Paige has already had another swim meet, where she finally qualified in the breast stroke, and had a personal best in freestyle (despite missing practice all week), : (, we froze our patooties (did I just say that - I'm really 40!) at the swim meet overnighter (which we left at 9:00 p.m.), and we are checking out a potential dog today! I have some new blog ideas rolling around in my head, more to come...


The 5 Bickies said...

Welcome to the 40's!!!

Looks like you had a great trip with the right mix of activity and relaxation.

Adriana Hartley said...

Welcome to the club and happy birthday!!

Olivia: (mostly) Happy Homemaker said...

Look at you!! Skinny girl on the beach! Where did you get those cropped jeans? I love them!

Looks like a fabulous birthday for a fabulous gal!

Jen said...

Yes; I love these jeans. They are from Loft - 'modern skinny' is the style. Super comfy,and right amount of stretch. They aren't officially cropped, just rolled them.