Saturday, September 24, 2011

what I've been up to...

Hello Blogging Hiatus.

The past week and half was all about non-stop parent/teacher conferences (after teaching all day, in 90-degree weather, in our non-air-conditioned rooms.) Hello Indian Summer at its finest.

We have found time for a little fun in between. Here are some highlights. Sadly, a lot of them involve TV. Hello, new Fall Season!

My girlfriend Beth hosted a Favorite Things party, where you bring a favorite item, and people yankee swap them. Lots of laughs. I walked away with a Starbucks card. Boo-yah. But seriously, someone brought a garlic press. Is that really your favorite thing? I love garlic, but c'mon. Great theme for a party, though!

My class is AWESOME. (quick, knock on desk.) It has been such a DREAM teaching them. I also have some great parents and have been really feeling the love. It it nice to feel appreciated!!

The only exercise I've done is yoga, which is just what my achy muscles need at the end of the day. Paige, on the other hand, has been very inspired by our favorite show The Biggest Loser, which we just watched on Thursday (tivo'd from Tuesday.) Yes, Paige cross trains while we zip through commercials. I'm talking jumping jacks and skipping back and forth across the room as her 'cardio.' For her 'strength' she does a very odd push that looks like a downward dog in motion, along with some kind of sit-up.

Last night, we treated ourselves to a showing of Dolfin Tale in 3D. Paige proclaims it, 'the best movie we ever saw.' At $41 for the three of us, it better be.

Throw in some hysterical laughing at Up All Night and Modern Family and you have my week!

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