Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the gals are back!

Which story do you want to hear tonight?

1) How my ridiculous co-worker tried to snare new student paperwork out of my mailbox (because I am getting an apparently coveted new girl)?

2) How I successfully navigated my 27 kinders through their first full day, including lunch, with only one bloody nose?

3) My fabulous karaoke performance at 6:45 tonight at the school social?

4) Paige's karaoke wonder performance at letsgetthelloutofhere o'clock?

5) The early demise of another goldfish, (upon arriving home full of ice cream) and ensuing meltdown? (Paige was sad too.)

I don't want to hear about those either. I do want to hear from these ladies though. Can you blame me from wanting to turn my brain off a little?

I'm even going to watch Kate plus 8!


Ashley Brooke said...

Congrats on a successful school day!! and I am SO excited about Rachel Zoe being back. Love her!

Hilary said...

Whaaat? I miss my Bravo.
Tell me more about the paperwork stealing. Can I guess which teacher? :)