Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I love blogging - KIT

Lately I've been thinking about all the reasons I love reading blogs. Here's one -

About four years ago, a teacher friend showed me a blog written by a parent at our school. At that time I think I had just started stumbling on blogs and had one I was addicted to. I was so impressed by this woman's photography and the bells and whistles on her blog. I started to read it here and there, and then comment. Finally I was courageous enough to talk to the gal in person!

I eventually started my own blog and Hilary has been a great source of comments. After meeting via blog we started a 'real life' friendship. I could find her most days on the kindergarten playground, aka 'the hangout' after school chatting with the other moms. I'd run over there from my classroom sometimes for a quick catch-up, or laugh with her at a committee meeting or sit next to her at a school event.

A few weeks ago, her family started a new adventure, moving to AZ. I will miss her when school starts (now it feels like we are just all on vacation), but through her faithful blogging, I feel like I can still keep actively in touch.

And that is one reason I love blogging. The stories, photos, and videos that make you feel almost like you are there. Has blogging helped you stay in touch with a friend?

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Hilary said...

Awh, I am gonna miss Pondy a lot. Very sad.
Come visit? :)