Sunday, July 24, 2011

latest adventures...

We've had a nice two weeks around here...I promise you I love my job, but the idea of going back to the day in/day out, all-consuming hard work of teaching is enough to make you want to completely ignore the calendar and Target Back to School flyers!

First, a little bit of grown-up fun. Two weeks ago, Ed and I hit his hero Eddie Vedder's concert in Oakland. I am more of a 'pop' girl myself (our last show was Black Eyed Peas!) but the concert was AWESOME! Btw, I am not wearing a white bra, I promise you. I don't know what that is under my shirt. This is one of those days Paige and I raced back from somewhere (the pool?) and I quickly freshened up before taking P to Grandma's b4 'date night.' Everyone there was sporting the 90's grunge look anyway!
Gilroy Gardens! Paige and I got together with our besties for an amusement park day later in the week.
The kids loved going on all the rides without an adult, and sitting at their own table at lunch, etc.

What's this weird rainbow thing, you say? Last week Paige spent a few days at day camp with school friends. Cooking day was fun, Adventure day was 'weird' (she was mortified because it was more of a superhero day, where the kids had to go one at a time through an obstacle course with everyone watching, followed by a rating?) Craft day, however, was a HUGE two thumbs up. Apparently, colored duct tape crafts are all the rage! I didn't take pictures of any of Paige's crafts - I should - she made a purse and a wallet, and then later some accessories for Doggie. You can find all kinds of pictures online of teens who have made prom dresses out of duct tape, people who have made shoes out of it, etc. One of Paige's friends bamboozled her mom into buying a whole bunch of the stuff, and the girls have been making additional pieces whenever they can. I spent as much time as I could at school working on ORGANIZATION, the usual lack of which is what drives me crazy all year!

And finally, we just got back from a weekend in Santa Rosa, visiting sister & brother-in-law and cousins. (Do you like Ed's hand trying to tilt nephew's head toward the camera?) The kids had great fun swimming, practicing soccer skills, visiting this cool park featuring a carousel, bounce house, etc., and just generally being crazy.
During some downtime, I finished reading Friendship Bread, which was nice, and I now have a little reading secret...I am currently wrapped up in a Danielle Steele book. 44 Charles Street. D.S. repeats things over and over, but I do find a book of hers with a plot I like every once in a while. A friend and I were talking the other night about what drives us more to read a book: the amazing writing, or the plot/topic. You ideally want BOTH. If I had to pick one though, I can forgive some writing quirks if the plot/characters or topic is one that I am interested in. What about you?

Speaking of questionable entertainment, I've been crazy for Real Housewives of New Jersey and can't wait to watch tonight's tivo'd episode! I've also recorded the first two episodes of Big Rich Texas, and am planning to check that out. Are you watching? What do you think?

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