Sunday, October 24, 2010

A star is born?

Miss P made her stage debut last Thursday and Friday! After much *encouraging* on my part, she joined our school's Starting Arts production of Buried Treasure. (Older students performed in Shakespeare's Pericles, and did awesome!) P played one of five mermaid narrators, and had a decent number of lines. She wasn't nervous at all, and seemed to enjoy herself. In high school, I was Emily in Our Town, and Florence (Felix) in the female version of The Odd Couple. These days my dramatic talents are put to work as a kindergarten teacher (boy, do they come in handy!) We aren't sure yet if my acting chops have been passed down to P, but we sure enjoyed watching her perform!

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Hilary said...

Conner said he liked their play better than the older kids. :)
He may be moderately biased.