Thursday, October 21, 2010


What's new with you?

Lately, I feel like a school machine. I work hard to make sure my lessons are engaging and materials organized. Then,I implement my day...After school, I am in meetings, connecting with parents and preparing to do it all again. Since our babysitter quit, I have been relying on wonderful mom friends and E to help out after school. E has been doing the lion's share of after school care (Thank God for his somewhat flexible schedule!) In the evening, it is a lot of chores and bedtime routine with Miss P. A little TV or reading, and then I do it all again.

While I go full steam with this teaching and parenting thing, good dinners and exercise have taken a back burner! Both keep evading me!

As you might have noticed, from looking at my sidebar, I do have a new hobby. Decorating! I have somewhat become my mother. Growing up, my parents loved to go to Open Houses. How boring, I thought. I remember my mom being a nazi about how our house was kept. "It's not a model home, we live here!" I would say. Now, my family is saying this very thing to me, as I cluck over jackets hanging over chairs and shoes left out. Our last home - a condo - remained bare, we never really made it a home. P was little, I was working, and the place felt temporary, and without much potential. In this new house, I've caught the bug.

Our family has been enjoying some Halloween festivities, like watching Scooby Doo and the Lake Monster (scaring ending!), transforming the front of the house, and costuming. We've also been cheering the S.F. Giants. And. that. is. it.

What about you?


Hilary said...

I'm so bad at decorating. I wish I was better
Although, in this small of a house, it's hard to really clutter it with "Decorating" stuff.

Jen said...

Even small places can be decorated well! One thing I learned is to edit. Each season, take away some items, then add a few small touches that represent the new season. They can go on your mantel, on your wall, on a shelf. Something small on the center of your dining table. My friend saves her children's seasonal artwork and puts that on the wall each year. Oh! And her previous house was 900 square feet. 3 kids!