Wednesday, July 14, 2010

summer's latest and greatest

I haven't done many chatty posts this summer. Actually, I haven't done many posts at all. I have enjoyed reading blogs, but haven't been in much of a blog writing mood. Totally out of the usual routine. I've altered between being very lazy, and very productive. Here's generally what's been up...

*Bridal shower for SIL

*Phase two of moving in/organizing house. This included unearthing boxes from garage. Office is a MESS! Need to put a show on the computer or play some podcasts and just get to work.

*Tons of reading!! I accidentally borrowed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo from another SIL, and was disturbed for about a day and a half after reading it. Ever since P was born, I can't even watch CSI. Not that I was ever a huge fan. And CSI Special Victims Unit - forget it. Even Law and Order can be too heavy for me. I also read part of Anna Quindlen's Every Last One. Not it! No more! I'm back to my magazines, lifestyle non-fiction, and beach reads. : ) I've also become a bit of a cookbook collector, which, coincidentally is the title of another book I might check out.

*Current obsession 1: The Real Housewives Franchise. I idly watched the Orange County seasons, LOVED New Yew York, didn't watch Atlanta, and am just starting to watch New Jersey. With not much on this summer, I have had fun watching these ladies, and particularly enjoyed the Bethenny Getting Married spin-off. In fact, I've decided to host my own little 'Real Housewives' themed party. We never had a housewarming, and while this won't be exactly that, I thought it would be fun to have a little party this summer. There are so many tie-ins with food, drink, and music on the show, so a party is a natural. I even talked some girlfriends into filming a short movie with me - The Real Housewives of Silicon Valley. I wrote a little script, and while E thinks there might be too many inside jokes and too much subtlety, my friends and I had some good laughs over it.

*Current Obsession #2- Twighlight! I have read two of the books and seen all three movies. Love them! Completely Team Jacob. Again, I get a little 'too into the head/emotion' of characters, so I found myself a bit 'emo' after the high wore off after the third movie. Why can't she just pick Jacob!! He is 'hotter', you know. (Inside joke, again.)

*We just got back from a fun beach camping trip. Will post pics soon!

So that is the summer, thus far! While I was actually sad to see the last school year end, I am now devastated at the idea of summer ending. I am going to try and soak up the last few weeks, and remember, another vacation is also around the corner....

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