Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Since home from camping, I have been playing the role of domestic goddess, with mixed results. : )

We have had some really fun days. First off, I discovered this line of products called 'naughty betty,' - like the napkins above. (Not the naughty you may have been thinking of) More like sassy; attitude. Anyway, I found a little shop by my house called Fleurish that carries the line. Fleurish is in downtown Willow Glen. Within minutes the shop owner was chatting me up about her life and I felt like I was living in a small town. On a return visit, I've since found out the store is closing in few weeks - the owner is leaving to care for her mother. I'm very sad I won't be able to browse there anymore, but hoping to take advantage of maybe a few sale items.

Anyway, back to our fun days. Miss P and I spent a whole morning shopping all over downtown, going to hicklebees, etc. Another day we rode our bikes to the rose garden library, checked out books, got lunch at Zanottos, and ate at the park. For the premiere of DC Cupcakes on TLC, we made cupcakes one evening. I have been cleaning and organizing and am finally making some headway! (Laundry no longer piled on floor.) : ) Miss P has had some playdates to keep her busy and we also had a fun visit with my mom.

Next up - my 'Real Housewives' party is tomorrow night. I am excited! I'll share what's going on later today.

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