Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I heart magazines.

In our house, magazines are referred to as 'pretties,' when they arrive in the mail. As in, 'ooh, we got two pretties today!' (Bills are referred to as 'uglies.')

When the pretty arrives and I have a free moment, I indulge in my little savoring ritual. I cozy up in a comfy spot, often with a drink of some sort in hand. Blanket, or fire in the fireplace is a plus! I look at all the headlines on the cover and rate how interested I am in each feature. Then, I go through the whole 'zine and pull out all the ads and perfume inserts and recycle them, until the magazine is nice and clean. At this point I go line by line through the table of contents and figure out what I want to read first.

I love to read, and when I'm tired and don't want to think much, the short and snappy pieces in magazines are just right. I enjoy all the glossy photos as well, although I don't give a flip for the fashion pieces. I have been known to eat chocolate while reading health magazines and perusing the workout routines.

Lately, I have taken extra solace in my simple downtime habits. What's yours?

Thanksgiving update coming soon.

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