Sunday, January 20, 2013

Greetings 2013!

It's still January, right? Not too late to talk about the new year.  I didn't mean to take such a long sabbatical, but, like anything else, once you get out of the routine of blogging, it's hard to start back up again. Work continues to kick my behind. I spent all day working yesterday (Sat), and now I have two full days at home (yay, MLK!) with no (school)work.  I plan to put on my domestic (un)diva hat, and, clean, work on my sprucing up my late-winter decor, and craft.  I also have a stack of magazines - heaven! Finally - wait for it - a Target trip will be in store. Oh, the excitement. 

Miss P is recovering from a nasty stomach bug, so I am also a bit on nursemaid duty.  First time she's been sick in two years. As one of my favorite classroom parents says - we have immune systems of steel! (knock, knock, knock on wood.)

For the first time, I've chosen a defining word for 2013. Beauty.  Partially for superficial reasons. I had kind of been letting myself go a bit. A ponytail everyday. Minimal or no make-up. Wearing the same thing over and over. Some people could pull that off, but I knew I could and wanted to do better.  So as RIDICULOUS as it sounds, my main resolution for the year is to take the time to actually fix my hair in the morning.  I even have a chart to keep myself accountable.  I also have some work-related resolutions that are more serious.  I tend to feel though, if you feel good about how you look, everything else seems a little better.  So I have been having fun with that.  Another way to look at my word - beauty - is about just looking for beauty in the every day. I enjoy that - the color of the sky, pretty leaves, a cute child, a charming building.  Do you have a word?

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