Tuesday, September 11, 2012

recent ramblings

This is one of those times where I have a lot to say, and a little to say. So I figured I'd just start writing.

-My creative self has been loving work; planning interesting lessons and providing new experiences for my students. I also have no shortage of crazy stories! However I have little time for anything else...

-I have managed to finish a couple of books though in the last week. How? Oh yeah, there is nothing on T.V.* I've become quite the intellectual lately, reading every evening in front of the fireplace with my smoking jacket. 

*except for The Real Housewives.

-Along with higher academic standards, third grade brings P.E. and a mile run requirement. First time out, my daughter was that girl who walked and complained her chest hurt. We have now started a run-at-home regiment. (See above photo). I may or may not have initially overreacted, calling myself an irresponsible mother and threatening to take away sedentary activities.

-One of my girlfriends just told me she had an almost identical discussion with her same age son, also kick-starting a home boot camp. His claim - running made his leg hurt.

-For the past couple of years, I've been crazy for lemon bars, and I've now added key lime pie to my list of favorite desserts. I've been indulging a few times a week. Yikes!

So basically, I'm teaching like crazy, and then reading and eating pie. Oh, and 'expanding' Miss P's horizons. What are you up to?

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The Mrs. said...

Eating pie and teaching sounds like the perfect life to me!!