Thursday, December 29, 2011


A new camera+new compuer (RIP to my previous blogging tools) and an insane week leading up to Christmas resulted in minimal posting. Time to remedy. I took hardly any photos but want to recap our fun week.

Out of work Friday afternoon, December 16, and my student teacher presented me with this gingerbread house she made of our school. I keep finding more details! After a nap at home I headed to our staff party, and then topped the night off with a late night visit to Target - the last before the holiday.

The next day was lots of fun - we headed to Livermore for our family hair cut and style outing, shopped for stocking stuffers, lunched at Fuddruckers, and hit the jackpot at Old Navy - I think we made money. Then it was off to my aunt and uncle's party where we celebrated with my dad and other relatives. We stayed with my mom and stepdad and went sledding the next day and then I had the yummiest Pasta Carbonara ever at Wine and Roses.

We hightailed it home with just enough time to unpack before we met up with two of my awesome girlfriends and their kiddos. We took the pack of all boys + Paige to a trampoline place and then over to my gf's house for a yummy potluck (who am I kidding - she did everything.) I do not see these girls enough, so this get-together was a huge treat!

Then Miss P had her girlfriend time. I had promised her a baking playdate with a small group of friends, but with everything going on we compromised on one friend and her little brother. It was such a cozy day, baking cut-out sugar cookies and doing crafts. Paige's bf's mom stayed =ing more girlfriend time for me!

The girlfriend bonding continued with a night out at another bestie's house celebrating friendship, good cheer, and her brand new kitchen! We ended up putting the kids to bed, watching a movie and sleeping over. The girls were so stoked. Here they are (with Paige in her dress from the night before).

In between all of this craziness I made about five ('this is the final') trips to Target, wrapped all of the gifts, readied the guests quarters, and then the 23rd was upon us! We visited with some other longtime friends at an eggnog party and came home in time to welcome my brother/sister in-law and their clan.

Christmas Eve was morning was spent getting the whole family together at Ed's dad's house, then the younger troops moved on to our house. Football, crafts, movie watching and cookie decorating ensued.

After more eating, drinking, gift opening, etc., most of the gang went home, and it was time to prep for the big guy! Paige never went to sleep so fast!

Here she is Christmas morning!

She loves her new leappad, playmobile pool set, and Cookie dog. We had a great Christmas day and bid our last guests adieu in the afternoon.

This week has been all about cleaning up, and catching up. I have even been into work twice to ready Room 2 for 2012. Resolution/goals post upcoming!

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