Saturday, December 3, 2011

Advent Calendar Love

The Christmas spirit is alive and well here at the Riley household! Immediately following Thanksgiving I was actually dreading some of the work involved (bah, humbug!) It may have been the ridiculous amout of hours I spent creating our cards, or the inordinate amount of time I mulled over co-worker gifts, (move on, sister.)

Last night I atteneded my first seasonal shindig, with girlfriends no less, and had a ball. I now have a burst of energy and with music playing and BHG as my inspiration, I'm ready to deck the halls. One of my big to-do's this weekend - figuring out an advent calendar/gift display. Here are some of my favorites!

Finally! An advent calendar that might work for me! I've been giving Miss P gifts one by one, as I've tried to come up with a homemade display. If I can get it right, I'll post my results.

Books for advent!

Do you know how 'me' this is???

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