Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy 100th post to me!!!!!

Moving right along...

It's been a busy month, and am still catching up on posts I've meant to do....

First: Mother's Day. Mom, Miss P and I had quite the 'big girl' celebration. We got mani-pedi's (pedi only for me) at Lavende at Santana Row. Stepdad and E met us afterward for lunch. Check out Miss P - is she too freaking cute or what???

I am sporting the "I love you mommy" shirt she puffy-painted at preschool. P loved the pampering and was super-still and fascinated throughout the process. We ended up getting our own little room in the back for the three of us, and my mom and I even managed some chatting.
Check out my mom in the top photo - crossing my fingers I look that good when I'm a 'grandma!'

1 comment:

Hilary said...

That is a super fun day.
Are you not a mani girl?
I am neither.
See you tonight!