Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little slice of Heaven

It's a beautiful, warm afternoon. Miss P has been giggling with her friends (who we are now across the street from!) for the last 4 hours. They haven't argued, complained, or even needed anything (they rarely/never do). Today we set up some shelves in the kitchen and some play tents and a basketball hoop in the backyard. Every day this little house gets a bit more functional, comfortable, and cute.

The feel here is so small-town, old-fashioned. Kids running back and forth across the street, playing at each others houses. The mailman has introduced himself to me, and asked my preferences on delivery. The neighbor next door has already been over a bunch, offering help, and saying 'hi.' This is what I've always wanted. It's bittersweet as we will be moving in about 100 days. I'm wondering about our new neighbors. From what I hear, there is a Stanford swim coach and former Olympian, a scientist, another teacher couple with a new baby, and a family with eight year old twin girls. Sounds interesting, but you don't get the same kind of feel in a new neighborhood.

I've had to come to terms with the fact that there is a lot of great things about the new house, and that we will enjoy it a bunch too. And someday, perhaps, we'll move back to this neighborhood. Meanwhile, we are heading across the street for dinner in a few minutes - spaghetti with homemade meatballs -

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Hilary said...

I didn't love this house at ALL when we moved here, and never really loved the idea of the house.
Enjoy it now though. God always puts us where we're supposed to be.